I’ve finally let my curiosity get the better of me and joined Twitter (and, of course, it is very ‘now’ ).Actually it was partly curiosity and partly necessity as I can’t hope to build an on-line business without being online in every sense of the word (Yes Olly I do listen to you !!)  BUT I’ve decided to take one step at a time so I’m leaving Facebook, Linkedin, You Tube, blogging, etc… until next week.

So, Twitter, well… at first I was totally underwhelmed, didn’t get the tweeting language, didn’t care that blah blah was ‘off to bed now’, and didn’t know which of the CHRISDJMOYLES entries was actually him. I found a few people to follow including the lovely Stephen Fry (well his is THE man when it comes to tweeting), Fearne Cotton, and some ‘parenting’ specialists (most of whom were North American/Canadian….disappointing) Oh, and of course, my husband !!!!! Now he has 4 people following him. Then, it started to make sense and I clicked through a few of the links and WOW a whole new world opened up to me. Now I’m becoming slightly addicted and have started discussing it with my friends,  who all look at me blankly …

BUT, what’s really interesting is that for purple daisies it’s a huge opportunity to create an online community of like minded parents/carers who can share their thoughts, concerns, interests and swap ideas, discuss new products etc..without having to wade through pages of a website whilst being bombarded by advertising. To me a tweet should be just a few words of introduction and a link through to something interesting and specific – BANG, straight to it, simple …..

OK, that’s all for now .. Twitter, done – G & T calls …

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