Travel Bed Guards for your Toddler

If you are thinking about going on holiday with a little one you may be wondering what travel bed guards are available to help your toddler sleep safely on your travels and which one is best. Below you will see that I have researched the market and done a quick review of the travel bed guard market for you.

Why take travel bed guards for your toddler?

I think about travelling with toddlers as 1) Home travel and 2) Away travel

HOME travel is to somewhere familiar eg Grandparents, where you know the terrain. If your toddler is very small then a travel cot is ideal as you know your precious cargo will be safe all night long. If your little one has already transitioned to a ‘big bed’ then you know what the bed set up is going to be and whether or not you need to bring travel bed guards for your toddler (or persuade Grandma to buy them!)

AWAY is anywhere you haven’t been before, particularly abroad. You need to plan for the fact that villa floors in warm countries are often made of stone or marble Perhaps you will be able to pre-order a travel bed guard to be there when you arrive. Unfortunately these are often expensive and dare you risk it not working properly? I’d suggest not as broken nights on holiday can really ruin things for the whole family.

What are your options?

There are several options available to you –

Foam Bed Guard

They are a length of triangulated foam and weigh in at around 350g. You will find it very easy to bend and compressed them into your luggage. I’d suggest you choose one that is made of ‘Babysafe’ foam. This means it has passed all the necessary tests and is certified for use in a toddler’s bed. Also it means that it isn’t packed full of harmful chemicals. When you arrive you just need to slot them under the fitted sheet of your toddler’s bed. Consequently they are my number one choice for a travel bed guard for your toddler.

Inflatable Bed Guard

These are, again, a long wedge shape and made of thin plastic. And so the huge benefit of these is that deflated they pack into a tiny space weighing almost nothing. You can easily inflate them in situ by pump or hand. As with the foam bed guards they sit under the fitted sheets. The only downside is that they may become deflated so pop in a puncture repair kit just in case. This is also a very good option for a travel bed guard for your toddler.

Metal or Plastic Framed Bed Rails

These are portable in the sense that you can move them from bed to bed. However they are rather too large and heavy to take outside of the UK. If your child is used to using one at home then they are an ideal option for an overnight at Grandma’s.

Travel Beds

As the name suggests these are a total travel bed solution. Great for popping your toddler in the same room as you and not having to worry about hard floors or monsters under the bed. Inevitably they are the most expensive option. Additionally you will have to check them in separately for air travel.

Hopefully you will now feel rather better informed with regard to what travel bed guard options there are on the market and what would work for your toddler. Happy holidays!