Top Three Caravan with Toddler Items!

Here at Purple Daisies HQ we are sharing advice from our years of experience of travelling and getting toddlers to sleep safely and comfortably in caravans!

Our top three DO NOT FORGET packing items are as follows:

3. Waterproof Sheets

You don’t want your little one uncomfortable through the night, nor do you want to soil rented mattresses, so be sure to pack some B’Sensible waterproof bedding. It’s also nice to have your own bedding with you as it will bring comfort to you that your little one is cosy in clean sheets, and familiar washing powder smells from home will reassure them.

2. The Favourite Teddy

Keeping things familiar for your little one will ensure a smoother, calmer bedtime. Bringing their favourite teddy, blanket or other night time companion will make evenings more peaceful for everyone!

1. The Bed Bumper

Caravan beds tend to be much narrower than normal beds (toddler or otherwise). They are unfamiliar, and as a result, can cause a few bumps in the night. Keep your holiday adventures to the daytime and pack The Bed Bumper – it fit’s all beds and is totally portable. It can be squished into a suitcase or car boot and will pop back to shape when you arrive at your destination!

What are your caravanning essentials?