Top 5 Child Safety Products

Girl playing safely in the kitchen

Keeping your child safe is a challenge and one none of us wants to fail at. Thankfully, there are many child safety products on the market but which ones do you really need? I’d like to help you decide.

Let’s start by looking at some of the places where accidents can happen. Then what safety products are available to ensure accidents don’t happen and finish with a summary of what other safety items you might want to consider.

Accident Hotspots

  1. Plugs: All those tiny holes so often near to eye level are a huge temptation for our toddlers. Therefore you need to make sure you look behind furniture and under tables and beds as tiny hands can fit so easily into tiny spaces.
  2. Doors: How often have you cringed because doors are slammed when tiny fingers are near? Don’t forget external doors too as they should be locked to prevent you child from wandering out.
  3. Cords: Almost all our appliances have cords and many of them sit at floor level or just above eg a lamp on a side table or a broadband router next door to a BT point. In addition, blinds and curtain cords at windowsill level can tempt your tiny mountain climber to investigate both from floor level or, more dangerously, having climbed up on a bed or chair.
  4. Kitchen: This is the big one whether it be drawers, cupboards, hot things or cleaning products.
  5. Medicines: This includes any supplements, creams and tape not just tablets. Unfortunately, too many tablets look like sweets.

What Child Safety Products Are Available?

  1. Plug covers: these are widely available, affordable and easy to you. Amazon have them at £6.99 for 24 covers. I’d suggest you get at least 48 of them as you will have more plugs to cover than you think.
  2. Door cushions: check out these nifty bits of foam. £6.99 for a packet of 6 from Amazon. You will probably need at least 2 packets as they may rip or bend easily. What a great child safety product.
  3. Cords: There are all sorts of cord ‘helps’ available. Within the safety equipment section on Amazon there are ‘tidies’, ‘shorteners’ and ‘wraps’ all of which enable you to keep both appliance cord and windows cords safe from children hands.
  4. Kitchen: Drawers and cupboards are a big accident hotspot. Therefore, it doesn’t take much to catch a tiny finger under a tumbling saucepan or be tempted by a drawer handle looming high above. Whilst keeping children out of cupboard isn’t everyones parenting style keeping them away from the cleaning products, dishwasher tabs, washing power etc.. should be. Reassuringly, there is a wide choice of child safety products available including straps, catches and, most popular, magnetic locks. You can check the whole range out on Amazon.
  5. Medicine: This one is a no brainer when plenty of medicines look like sweets. Always keep them in a high cupboard and in boxes or bottles that your child will not be able to open.

What Other Safety Products Should I Consider?

Having gone into some detail on my Top 5 safety solutions I’d like to finish by providing a more comprehensive checklist including possible child safety products for toddler proofing your home.

BathroomWater temperatureThermometer
Sink taps and liquid soapTighten taps
Move soap out of reach
Slippery bathNon-slip mat
StairsFalling from the topStairgates
LoungeFire – open or gasFire guard
KitchenHot cooker or ovenCooker guard
BedroomFalling out of bed (including when transitioning a toddler to a big bed)Bed guard
Whole houseCornersCorner & edge protectors
SmokeFit smoke alarms

Hopefully you know have a good idea about how to keep your child safe at home.