Toddlers and their Tantrums

I remember them well, one moment we are playing happily and the next BANG, he was on the floor yelling, screaming and thrashing about … Whaaaat ???

Sound familiar?

Forewarned is for Fore-armed

Forwarned is for armed in matters of childcare whether it be reading, listening or watching the experts (aka my friends!) so I planned to do my due diligence ahead of the Terrible Two’s but alas I was too late … Terrible Two’s pah!, more like Terrible one and a half’s (although clearly, that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so neatly!).

The ‘Rage Phase’

All but one of my children went through a ‘rage phase’ and the one that didn’t was an early speaker and able to communicate effectively at 18 months and so I have concluded that tantrums are largely an OTT expression of frustration by a tiny human, not naughtiness or attention seeking just the extreme measures of a tot who knows exactly what he wants but can’t seem to get others to understand.

Oscar-Winning Performances

And it is quite a sight to behold: an Oscar-winning collapse on the floor followed by pumping of the legs and arms and, the ‘piece de resistance’, the screaming. If you hang about to watch the performance, and you should do that just once, then you may witness ‘the lull’, the time in between bouts when your darling lifts his head to check that his adoring audience is still with him, and then it begins again. I found that trying to speak/reason/laugh with or at my child did nothing but crank up the decibels, laughing being the worst of these (or possibly when they catch you recording it) and so there can be only one course of action – walk away and make a cup of tea, making sure that all breakable objects are well away from flailing arms and legs and that your little one cannot hurt himself.

As much distance as possible is recommended.

Calm After the Storm

After a while, probably in fact a very short while, the noise will subside and the floor will stop bouncing up and down.  You may hear sniffs or sobs (or possibly nothing if they have in fact fallen asleep) and then it’s time for cuddles, big, wet cuddly cuddles, words of love and probably a drink to rehydrate!!

The tsunami has passed and all is calm, until the next time….. x