Summer Allergies – don’t let them spoil the summer

Now that the sun has decided to show itself, hopefully not too temporarily, I cannot keep my children inside (and why would I want to) but my eldest and youngest both get Hay fever, as do I. As I write this I am intermittently rubbing my eyes dispute the fact that I am inside and I know that when my little one gets home today she will have  red eyes too.

On my hunt for advice I came across this article that I think is well written and contains plenty of sound advice. Not being a fan of dishing out medicines to my children I found there were plenty of good non drug ideas to try eg  giving your child a spoon full of locally produced honey to get them ‘acclimatised’ to the pollen in your area, and a huge dose of common sense too eg invest in wrap around sunglasses and a wide brim hat.

Hopefully you can find something in it that will work for your family too

Happy Days x