No More Nappies

The great day has arrived at last, after more than 10 years  of changing nappies I am free … Yippee !!!!!

Angel child has at last conquered the toilet. We’ve had false starts, accidents, had to throw several pairs of ‘big girl Peppa Pig pants’ in the bin, used bribery, star charts and special rewards, tried various potties, special seats and Froggie wet wipes and at last the job is done. She has infact become so independent that I don’t even know that she’s been. I’ve been so used to that regular call of ‘Mummy, come and do my wipees’ that to have a child who is totally self sufficient is a little odd. She will even drag a chair in from the playroom if she needs to switch the light on and has mastered how to press the liquid soap top down whilst holding the other hand underneath. The only thing she needs help with is replacing the ‘knick-knicks’ before the trousers or tights. We have on several ocassions got to bath time and discovered that her undies are either missing or  have been flying at halfmast for the whole day, ummm, drafty !!!

Just nightime to crack and that will be the end of pull-ups too. I calculated that by time she is dry 24/7 I will have changed, over the nappy-wearing lifetimes of my 4 children, (with a teeny bit of help) around 20,000 nappies – OMG, that’s a lot of nappies and I don’t even want to think how much money that lot have cost us.

What’s new at purple daisies – we’ve freshened up both the and the websites and at long last the site is transactional (we had our first order through the site earlier this week, yeah!)

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