How TV affects your toddler & pre-schoolers sleep

When our little ones were babies getting them to sleep through the night was something we would have given our right arm for and then as they moved into toddlerdom that daytime sleep, those precious minutes (even hours) of peace, were a sanity saver. Then, when daytime naps become a fond memory, it was all about setting the bedtime routine and that special bedtime kiss and cuddle which ideally preceded some ‘you’ time.  Alas, whilst the text books and blog posts make it sound easy all parents know that it’s a challenge every step of the way.

So, for all the parents, grandparents and carers out there whose little ones are currently struggling with getting to sleep here’s a great article which I came across on an American website that might help.  TV_Child_Fitness-1024x682

It highlights how watching TV (playing on ipads, tablets, playstations etc…) just before bedtime can delay your child getting to sleep as the child’s brain is in fact stimulated (or awakened) by the TV/electronic device. The article doesn’t preach abstinence, which is unrealistic, it just suggests switching the device off at least 30 mins before bedtime and using that last 30mins to soothe the child with a book, a chat about the day, some colouring – anything that is soothing and gentle and quiet.

Good advice for all the family I think x