How to …. fit your Bed Bumper

Here at Purple Daisies HQ we like to think of ourselves as expert Bumper fitters. So simple a child could do it ….

On the face of it there are 4 easy super quick steps:

  1. Strip the bed down to the mattress
  2. Place the Bumper (or Bumpers if you are using one either side) onto the mattress about 5cm from the edge with the sloping side facing the child.
  3. Remake the bed: fitted sheets onto the corners, best to start at the top I find, and pull down over the Bumpers and onto the bottom corners.
  4. Readjust Bumpers to ensure they are lying flat and make sure the fitted sheet is tucked securely under the mattress

If you are now looking at the bed and thinking, well yes I can see that there is a foam ‘bumper’ in the bed and it looks very discreet but will it really stop my little one rolling out, then hop in and give it a go. You need to be lying down as if asleep, no cheating and going onto your knees, and then roll ….. See, the bumpers will not budge an inch.

Things to look out for ….

  1. When using one on either side you do need a sheet that is big enough to accommodate them, your normal sheet is unlikely to do that, otherwise you will create a ‘tent’ in the middle of the bed where the sheet will no longer lie flat. Great fun for your little one to crawl into but bedtime isn’t playtime so to be discouraged. I’d recommend either trading up to the next size of sheet or, even, better opting for an extra deep one.
  2. The Bumpers are not meant to keep a wide-awake, boisterous toddler in their bed. They are to be used with sleepy or sleeping children only. It’s all about toddler sleep safety.

The upside of this is that if they need a trip to the loo in the night or to be able to amble into your room in the morning for a cuddle then this can be easily done, maybe even without waking you.

Certainly beats being woken at 5.30am by them shouting ‘Mummy, I’m awake now’ at the top of their voice….