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Q  Will The Bed Bumper fit under my  normal sheets?

That really depends on a couple of things –

1) How many Bed Bumpers are you using? If you are using 2, one on either side, then no. We recommend you use an extra deep fitted sheet. If you are just using one then it really depends on …..

2) How tight your sheets are normally. Cotton jersey or winceyette ones tend to have enough give to fit a single Bumper under but otherwise we would suggest using an extra deep one.

Q  I’ve put my bed bumpers onto either side of the mattress, remade the bed and I have  a ‘tent’ in between. Why?

A ‘tent’ occurs when the sheets aren’t big enough. We suggest using an extra deep fitted sheet.

Q  If the fitted sheet rides up during the night will the Bumper fall out ?

It is very unlikely as it suggests that the sheets are very tight and therefore the Bumper will be well anchored at the corner and across the top

Q  Will it damage the Bumper if I leave it out on the bed during the day?

No, the Bumper will be fine but continuous exposure to direct sunlight will cause the Bumper to slowly discolour. Any discolouration doesn’t affect the performance of the Bumper

Q  My Bumper has got dirty how do I get it clean ?

If it’s just fluff then we would suggest using either a lint roller or the sticky side of a piece of sellotape (not very technical we know, but it works). If your Bumper gets dirty or your little one has an ‘accident’ on it then either wipe it with a damp cloth or, if really necessary you can wash it through and leave to dry somewhere dry and warm – an airing cupboard is ideal.

Q  I’ve bought a 100cm Bumper but feel happier with more of the open side of the bed being protected. What shall I do ?

You should buy an additional 50cm Bumper. All you need to do is place it end to end with your 100cm piece and it will act as if one continuous piece as the foam ends ‘grip’ each other

Q  If I bend my Bumper into my suitcase for a long flight will it straighten out again once I take it out?

Yes, the Bumper can be bent and compressed into a bag or suitcase for many hours and will bounce right back to shape once you take it out.

Bsensible Bedding Range

Q  Is there an ideal way to wash the zippable duvet covers and pillowcases to stop water getting trapped inside?

Yes. If you turn the bedding inside out so the waterproof membrane is on the outside and leave the zip undone you will minimise any water retention. Hang to dry or tumble dry with the membrane still facing out and the zip undone and the will keep drying time down.

Q  I know that any accidents will be wicked away from my child during the night but if he is disturbed do you have any hints to minimise the disruption time ?

If you put a second sheet on the bed, or in the cot if it’s for a baby, then you can simply whip off the offending wet top one leaving your child to sleep peacefully on a dry bottom one.

Q  What size do you recommend for use with The Bed Bumper ?

If you are using a single Original 100 cm or a single Mega 150cm Bumper then the next width up works perfectly eg on a standard 3ft bed I’d suggest a 3’6” Bsensible sheet. But, if you are using a Bumper on either side then I would recommend the Extra Deep Fitted Sheet as the additional skirt fits the Bumpers under perfectly.

Q  Do I need to use a special washing powder on my waterproof bedding and can I use a fabric softener?

No special washing powder is need and yes fabric softener can be used as it won’t affect the waterproof backing.

Q  Can I use my Bsensible sheets over and electric blanket ?

Yes that’s fine.

Q  Do you sell odd sized bedding. I have a crib hat has been handed down through the generations but I don’t have any sheets that fit.

No problem. Let us know the exact size of the crib mattress and we can have it made to order for you.