Children + Travelling = Lots of Planning

9 years ago when I first started this business my 4 children were aged 18 months to 7 yrs and preparing for hols was a military operation revolving around my making a humungous list…

Top 3 must take items for me were –

  • First Aid kit – every tried finding Calpol in a Spanish pharmacy?
  • Nighttime teddies and comforters
  • My phone charger!

Never opting for remote destinations when the children were small I always had in my head that everything else could be bought when we got there so even if I did forget something it wouldn’t ruin our holiday.

Once the kids got to about 5 I would take them upstairs and whilst I stood by my bed I would shout out ‘7 pairs of pants’ and off they would trot into their own rooms to grab said pants and then return to my room to put them onto their corner of the bed. Next, ‘3 pairs of shorts’ and so it went on until we had a pile of clothes in each corner. Of course I would have to do a quick check as I put them into the bags but on the whole they did very well.

Nowadays the children are 9 to 16 and certainly the older 2 pack all their own stuff. We each have a pull along cabin-sized bag and that’s it.  2 weeks, one piece of hand luggage each. Run out of clothes? We wash. Forget your sun hat? We tie knots in a hanky (actually we don’t do that), buy one at the market. I do a quick verbal check with them the night before we go …. Books, teddies, chargers, money, sunglasses and so on; and that’s it.

Having said all that I do joke to my other half that all we really need are our passports and a credit card.

He thinks I’m crackers by the way, and the kids would have a fit, but a girl can dream…