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If you’re anything like us, toddler sleep safety is never too far from your mind as your little ones move from babies to toddlers.

Here you will find articles with advice on safe sleep for toddlers. Many are written by a mum of four who has been there, seen it and got the T-shirt. So let her help you get to safe sleep quickly and easily.

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Why Do Toddlers Fall Out Of Bed?

Have you every wondered why toddlers fall out of bed when adults, normally, don’t? Is it that their brains aren’t developed enough to sense the danger of space? Perhaps they just move around more. I’m going share with you some interesting thoughts on why toddler sleep safety and why they might fall out of bed. […]


Foam Bed Guards for Toddlers

So you have decided to move your toddler into their first ‘big bed’ (or take the sides off their cotbed). Having done your online bed guard research you have a good idea about the options out there. The foam bed guards for toddlers look ideal you just want to double check that they are are […]

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How to …. fit your Bed Bumper

Here at Purple Daisies HQ we like to think of ourselves as expert Bumper fitters. So simple a child could do it …. On the face of it there are 4 easy super quick steps: Strip the bed down to the mattress Place the Bumper (or Bumpers if you are using one either side) onto […]


Grannynet loves The Bed Bumper

Much excitement here at  purple daisies HQ as The Bed Bumper has won another award *GRANNYNET GOLD STATUS* Big hugs for the Grannies who have now given The Bed Bumper their official ‘seal of approval’ and are recommending us on their site as THE bed guard to buy.  Another great name behind our innovative toddler […]