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How to prevent your child from choking

Recently I read an article in a newspaper titled “Her eyes wide with fear, my child was choking to death – and I didn’t know what to do”. It detailed how an 18month old who choked on a whole grape, and having been without oxygen to his brain for 3 mins before the ambulance arrived, […]

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Measles blogpost

MEASLES – What’s going on ?

MEASLES – How did we reach an epidemic, how do we prevent it? With Measles being so current in the news at the moment I thought I’d take this opportunity to put a few facts to you. You may be wondering whether to get your child (fully) immunized and so perhaps it will help you […]

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Top tip to keep your kids safe on holiday

Do you worry about your children’s safety on holiday or anytime you are out and about? Whilst you can never keep them 100% safe here is an affordable, reusable wrisband that may well ensure that they get back to you safely every time The website states “infoband™ is our cool and unique ID wristbands for children. The […]

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