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Toddler parenting brings its own joys and challenges. Having brought up four kids through the toddler years, Purple Daisies founder Caroline has lots of advice to share.

Here you will find articles on a wide variety of topics you are sure to encounter as you bring up your toddler.

Measles blogpost

MEASLES – What’s going on ?

MEASLES – How did we reach an epidemic, how do we prevent it? With Measles being so current in the news at the moment I thought I’d take this opportunity to put a few facts to you. You may be wondering whether to get your child (fully) immunized and so perhaps it will help you […]


Real mums talk about their toddlers bedtime routine

It’s all very well me spouting off about how to achieve a smooth bedtime routine or giving you tips on how to ensure your child’s bedroom is a safe zone but sometimes, I realise, you need a break from my words of wisdom to hear what other people have to say on certain parenting matters. […]


A top tip to achieving stress-free routines with your child

I was chatting with a friend recently who is struggling with her rather independent 4 year old who is turning getting out the house and to pre-school on time into a nightmare. Sound familiar? I promised to try and help her out and have been wracking my brain (and scouring the internet) for possible solutions. Thinking […]

Sudocreme - blogpost

10 Tips for Toddler Proofing your Home

Having perused the Internet for interesting & informative articles about toddler safety I came across this one from the US. Ignoring the American lingo and the blatant advertising of the ‘Munchkin’ brand, I thought it was a helpful & well written piece. Toddlers can be little monkeys and all sorts  of temptations lie in wait for them – bottles […]