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Toddler parenting brings its own joys and challenges. Having brought up four kids through the toddler years, Purple Daisies founder Caroline has lots of advice to share.

Here you will find articles on a wide variety of topics you are sure to encounter as you bring up your toddler.

tooth decay

Are your little ones teeth properly brushed?

Angel or Monster ? For some under 5’s brushing teeth brings out the monster in them; the teeth clamp shut and nothing will persuade them to open them.  Nightmare !!  But we all know that teeth have to be brushed twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and it has to be done properly. FACT – […]

Caucasian toddler boy sleeping in bed with teddy bear.

Is your little one having trouble sleeping?

It’s Torture …. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture as far as I’m concerned. Endless nights of broken sleep for you and your little one is no joke and can have some pretty serious consequences for the whole family, but for some children multiple night time wake-ups can be a sign of something rather […]

Co-sleeping with baby

How TV affects your toddler & pre-schoolers sleep

When our little ones were babies getting them to sleep through the night was something we would have given our right arm for and then as they moved into toddlerdom that daytime sleep, those precious minutes (even hours) of peace, were a sanity saver. Then, when daytime naps become a fond memory, it was all about […]

hppy chd

How to prevent your child from choking

Recently I read an article in a newspaper titled “Her eyes wide with fear, my child was choking to death – and I didn’t know what to do”. It detailed how an 18month old who choked on a whole grape, and having been without oxygen to his brain for 3 mins before the ambulance arrived, […]