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Toddler parenting brings its own joys and challenges. Having brought up four kids through the toddler years, Purple Daisies founder Caroline has lots of advice to share.

Here you will find articles on a wide variety of topics you are sure to encounter as you bring up your toddler.


Why won’t Iggle Piggle go to bed?

I was watching In The Night Garden with my 14 month old Granddaughter and IP (as I think is an appropriate nickname in a digital age) is always the last one awake; but who knows why as none of the characters ever say anything! It doesn’t seem to bother my granddaughter though, as she sits […]


Bedtime Roulette.

Bedtime with a toddler can be a bit of a potluck situation. In some household’s I am sure that a warm bath followed by a snuggle and a book is all that it takes to get a restless toddler relaxed and ready for a long nights sleep. In our household, not so much. Our little […]


The People Who Help Us ⛑

There is some really useful information out there about how to support your child when learning about the emergency services, or, the people who help us.  It can be a bit of a minefield, so we have sifted through it all to give you some simple pointers and sensible advice. Most toddlers have an awareness […]


Preparing for Christmas in my house

I love Christmas, absolutely love all the preparation, the decorations, the choosing, wrapping and giving of presents, the partying, the laughter and the gathering of family and behind the scenes I have my very own rituals and routines that get me through in what some assume is a relaxed and capable manner. Little do they […]


Screen time – how do you keep them safe online?

Keeping our Under 5’s safe online   iPads, iPhones, tablets … the answer to all our prayers or just a menace?     There is so much written about the rise of technology and the impact on our children’s lives that it’s impossible to know what’s right. On one side of the ring are the […]