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Toddler parenting brings its own joys and challenges. Having brought up four kids through the toddler years, Purple Daisies founder Caroline has lots of advice to share.

Here you will find articles on a wide variety of topics you are sure to encounter as you bring up your toddler.


Toddlers and their Tantrums

I remember them well, one moment we are playing happily and the next BANG, he was on the floor yelling, screaming and thrashing about … Whaaaat ??? Sound familiar? Forewarned is for Fore-armed Forwarned is for armed in matters of childcare whether it be reading, listening or watching the experts (aka my friends!) so I […]


7 things I wish I knew pre toddler Chickenpox

Disclaimer – the writer is not a medical professional. She is a tired mother. Take advice with a pinch of salt (or oats…) This household will now refer to our time together as post-Chickenpox and pre-Chickenpox.  Once this blog is posted, we shall never speak of the in-between ‘actually having Chickenpox’ time again. We. Are. Changed. […]


Potty Training

Let me say at the outset that of the 4 children I have only 1 ever used a potty (and that was standing up!) and so for me this is more about toilet training. The standing up child was my first, a boy, and perhaps that is why I encouraged (some may say forced) my […]


Afternoon Toddler Fun

Let’s be honest. The afternoon can sometimes drag on when there are nap free toddlers involved! Despite the time it takes to get them bundled up in so many layers, the little ones still seem to get cold so quickly that playing in the garden in March turns in to a shivering chill fest very […]


Staying safe in the kitchen

My children loved to help in the kitchen when they were young. They had special aprons (possibly even a chefs hat!), brightly coloured bowls, spoon and spatulas and even a special stool to stand on so they were just the right height for the table or work surface. Making biscuits and fairy cakes were always […]