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Toddler bed transitioning is an important milestone for you and your little one. It can also be a challenging time for you both.

Here you will find articles to help you with moving your toddler from cot to bed.


Transitioning Your Child From Cot To ‘Big’ Bed

Transitioning your child from their cot to a ‘big’ toddler bed is a significant milestone for both them and you. As with all milestones, there are going to be challenges ahead but believe me, you will get through it. Here are my guidelines on how to make this transition as painless as possible. When is the […]


Top 5 Child Safety Products

Keeping your child safe is a challenge and one none of us wants to fail at. Thankfully, there are many child safety products on the market but which ones do you really need? I’d like to help you decide. Let’s start by looking at some of the places where accidents can happen. Then what safety […]


Foam Bed Guards for Toddlers

So you have decided to move your toddler into their first ‘big bed’ (or take the sides off their cotbed). Having done your online bed guard research you have a good idea about the options out there. The foam bed guards for toddlers look ideal you just want to double check that they are are […]

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Tips for Transitioning Your Child from Cot to Bed

 “According to Harvard psychology professor Jerome Kagan, Ph.D., who has spent 40 years studying children’s minds, the transition to a big bed provides one of the more dramatic examples of the need for limit setting on the part of the parents and limit testing on the part of the child. A 3-year-old getting in and […]