Caravan + The Bed Bumper = Match made in heaven!

All is good here in purple daisies world.

Thought I’d share some recent feedback ….. A fantastic product. We have 3 month old twins and used the foam rails on Caravan bunk beds for our first holiday away together. Purple Daisies delivered promptly and even suggest you keep the delivery packing for storing the rails so there was not even any rubbish to dispose of. I will definatly recomend these rails to everyone I know with babies.

This is interesting for a number of reasons, and perhaps highlights some aspects of the Bumpers that I should be giving a bit more focus to … Firstly this customer used them on babies. Those of us who’ve been blessed with babies know that they really can’t move much at 3 months but still you never can be quite sure that tonight won’t be the night when junior decides to roll over (and out). Whilst I know that Bumpers are great when co-sleeping with babies/toddlers to stop them falling off the open sides of a high double bed, or indeed to stop an inevitably totally knackered parent from rolling onto them, almost always babies sleep in cots/travel cots/moses baskets, so it relatively unusual for them to be used with babies in ‘proper’ beds.

And that leads onto the second interesting point and that is that they were used in a caravan … The Bed Bumper is perfect for a caravan where limited space means travel cots are a no-go. In addition most traditional guards won’t affix to the beds never mind the additional load that caravaners could really do without. I have a customer/friend who is hugely enthusiastic about how brilliant The Bed Bumper is in their caravan and encouraged me to approach the Camping and Caravanning Society to ask them to review my product as a genuine new innovation for family caravan users. I duly phoned, sent in(what I thought was) a snappy press release and …. NOTHING, nada, total silence ….I will not be defeated though so watch this space, or rather read the mag. cos I’ll try, try and try again to get my product in print…

And finally, how environmentally friendly (and sensible) am I to use an outer packaging that is sturdy enough to be used again therefore doing my bit to minimize landfill, and giving parents a lightweight storage bag to boot. Maybe I should look at getting the outer packaging made from recycled material too (is there no end to my saintlyness ?)