Bsensible Waterproof Bedding Review

As part of our ongoing mission at purple daisies to bring you ‘innovative and practical products for your pre-schoolers (2-5 yrs old)’ we brought on board the B-Sensible range of Waterproof Bedding. It’s an extensive collection of products made from 100% Tencel to help you through that difficult bed-wetting period. Tencel is so soft  that you don’t need a top sheet (or duvet or pillowcase) either making it an affordable option too and I promise it’s a long way away from those sweaty, plasticky, rustly sheets that we used to have to sleep on. The waterproof layer is just a thin membrane which stops any little accidents soaking your mattress and any bed bug nasties from creeping upwards either. Not only is the B-Sensible range a great solution for bed wetting it also is ideal for eczema, asthma and rhinitis sufferers as it keep all those nasty allergens away from you little ones all night long.

The range includes fitted sheets/mattress protectors,  zipped duvet covers/protectors and zipped pillowcases/protectors in a kaleidoscope of colours to complement any bedroom.

If you are sceptical then please clink on the link below and read the review. It was written by Gemma the CEO of My Family Club who was thrilled with her B-Sensible bedding