Potty Training

Let me say at the outset that of the 4 children I have only 1 ever used a potty (and that was standing up!) and so for me this is more about toilet training. The standing up child was my first, a boy, and perhaps that is why I encouraged (some may say forced) my […]


Afternoon Toddler Fun

Let’s be honest. The afternoon can sometimes drag on when there are nap free toddlers involved! Despite the time it takes to get them bundled up in so many layers, the little ones still seem to get cold so quickly that playing in the garden in March turns in to a shivering chill fest very […]


Staying safe in the kitchen

My children loved to help in the kitchen when they were young. They had special aprons (possibly even a chefs hat!), brightly coloured bowls, spoon and spatulas and even a special stool to stand on so they were just the right height for the table or work surface. Making biscuits and fairy cakes were always […]


Why won’t Iggle Piggle go to bed?

I was watching In The Night Garden with my 14 month old Granddaughter and IP (as I think is an appropriate nickname in a digital age) is always the last one awake; but who knows why as none of the characters ever say anything! It doesn’t seem to bother my granddaughter though, as she sits […]


Bedtime Roulette.

Bedtime with a toddler can be a bit of a potluck situation. In some household’s I am sure that a warm bath followed by a snuggle and a book is all that it takes to get a restless toddler relaxed and ready for a long nights sleep. In our household, not so much. Our little […]