Potty Training

Let me say at the outset that of the 4 children I have only 1 ever used a potty (and that was standing up!) and so for me this is more about toilet training. The standing up child was my first, a boy, and perhaps that is why I encouraged (some may say forced) my […]

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Afternoon Toddler Fun

Let’s be honest. The afternoon can sometimes drag on when there are nap free toddlers involved! Despite the time it takes to get them bundled up in so many layers, the little ones still seem to get cold so quickly that playing in the garden in March turns in to a shivering chill fest very […]

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Guest Post – I became a Granddad at 39.

It was obviously a bit of a surprise, but it revealed a whole new world when it comes to enjoying children as the ‘rules of engagement’ for grandchildren are very different to being a parent. The great thing is that, as a grandparent, you tend to have more time to devote to the children than […]

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