Top Three Caravan with Toddler Items!

Here at Purple Daisies HQ we are sharing advice from our years of experience of travelling and getting toddlers to sleep safely and comfortably in caravans! Our top three DO NOT FORGET packing items are as follows: 3. Waterproof Sheets You don’t want your little one uncomfortable through the night, nor do you want to […]


We took a toddler caravanning – and survived!

Caravan holidays – do you worry the idyllic idea may be slightly different than the reality? More Father Ted than Little House on the Prairie? Add a toddler into the mix and the ‘uncertainty levels’ of any situation will rise, and when you are away from your standard home comforts it can certainly be daunting. […]


Toddlers and their Tantrums

I remember them well, one moment we are playing happily and the next BANG, he was on the floor yelling, screaming and thrashing about … Whaaaat ??? Sound familiar? Forewarned is for Fore-armed Forwarned is for armed in matters of childcare whether it be reading, listening or watching the experts (aka my friends!) so I […]


7 things I wish I knew pre toddler Chickenpox

Disclaimer – the writer is not a medical professional. She is a tired mother. Take advice with a pinch of salt (or oats…) This household will now refer to our time together as post-Chickenpox and pre-Chickenpox.  Once this blog is posted, we shall never speak of the in-between ‘actually having Chickenpox’ time again. We. Are. Changed. […]