Ahhhh, the Pre-school Nativity …

Its that time of year again when my 4 children take to the stage and give me yet another bundle of precious (and, let’s face it, hilarious) moments.

The 1st Memorable event -This year my 3 eldest were all ‘starring’ in their school production of Cinderella. There are almost 100 children at their primary school and every child has a part to play so inevitably this leads to ‘creativity’ in the script writing department as they try to stretch certain scenes in order to accomdate all children. This year there were an extraordinary number of very small woodland animals – foxes, rabbits,mice, moles, squirrels, robins, owls, and one very tall girl who looked suspiciously like a zebra (she was a badger)   – soothing and supporting a very forlorn and weary Cinderella, and the ball scene involved a topical ‘Strictly’ section where there were the appropriate number of ‘disaaaaaster’ and ‘SEVEN !!’ and ‘darling’s as most of the older children shuffled and swayed across the groaning stage. My eldest landed himself a plum role as a stepsister and suitably attired with foam stuffed bra (to be hitched up at regular intervals  Les Dawson stylie), spotty bloomers (like Granny would wear ??!!) and a long curly green wig was brilliant.

The 2nd Memorable event – Angel child’s pre-school nativity … she was, wait for it….., a snowflake – Yeh !! A very sweet, gorgeous, fluttering snowflake (maybe next year she can push for Mary???). Clearly those children who had asked for speaking parts were told to ‘speak up’ which translated into ‘shout so loudly nobody could understand a word’, thankfully not a big problem when it comes to a nativity as they are all just variations on a theme after all.

The 3rd Memorable event – The school carol service/nativity. This is probably my fav one as I like a bit of a family sing song and again all the children are involved singing, playing an instrument or, for the infants in the nativity. My youngest boy was Herod this year and I have to admit to not being sure where Herod fitted in (not proud of that) so, just in case you aren’t sure either, he waylays the Three Kings on the way to see Jesus and tells them to bring the baby to him as he wants to kill him. So, basically, my innocent 6 yr old depicted a murdering failure – lovely …. not quite the role model I had in mind for him ! Actually, my youngest son is the brains of the family and after much thought about his role and taking into account the fact that last year he was a lamb, declared that it was all OK by him because there was really only one role he could be given next year having risen from a lamb to a king over the last 12 months, and that would be God himself !!!!! Kids – you’ve gotta love ’em xxxxxx

Merry Christmas to everyone !