Afternoon Toddler Fun

Let’s be honest. The afternoon can sometimes drag on when there are nap free toddlers involved!

Despite the time it takes to get them bundled up in so many layers, the little ones still seem to get cold so quickly that playing in the garden in March turns in to a shivering chill fest very quickly!

Once warmed up and safely back indoors, we know how ideas can sometimes be hard to come by for last minute, no prep toddler-friendly fun.  So, we had a look think for you and have written some suggestions for you below!


The kitchen table and some bed sheets can suddenly transform into a cave! Fill it with cushions, all the light up toys you forgot you had, and you have a perfect space for a cave man picnic, a spot of reading or even getting their imaginations going by pretending you are in an igloo!


Egg boxes, cereal boxes and toilet roll tubes at the ready! Egg boxes and Play Doh are a match made in heaven, cereal box masks with string and colouring pens allow for lots of hilarity (why not bring out a selection of scarves to use a capes for your masked bandits?!) and toilet roll tubes can be great tunnels for cars and trains!


Daytime baths can be a total novelty for the wee ones, and a fab way to stay cosy and warm up the house as you go! Let them take tubs and spoons in and make it a special event. If your wee one’s skin allows, an extra bubbly bath could be lots of fun!


If all else fails, collect some interesting things from the garden and bring them in! Set down some towels on some non-carpeted floor, fill up a bucket with stones, grass and mud from outside and play in the warmth of the house.