A Bit About Us…

Hi, I’m Caroline Cook

In 2009, when my youngest was 18 months old I decided to ’start my own business’. Little did I know what was in store!

The Birth of The Bed Bumper

Using my experience of raising 4 active children I conceived Purple Daisies and ‘The Bed Bumper’ was born.

Over the years it has won a range of awards, enjoyed rave reviews from the parenting community and it currently sports more 5* ratings on Amazon than any other bed guard.

Bedroom Solutions For Your Little One

I aim to keep creating and sourcing good quality, safe and useful bedroom related products for your baby and child whilst maintaining the very highest standards of customer service every day.

I’d like to help you, as parents, grandparents and carers, to create fun ‘me’ spaces for your little ones as well as safe and cosy places when bedtime comes.

Been There, Seen It, Done It!

Purple Daisies is a professional, independent business and it speaks from the experience of being a parent and understanding the real day to day issues that parents face.

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