7 things I wish I knew pre toddler Chickenpox

Disclaimer – the writer is not a medical professional. She is a tired mother. Take advice with a pinch of salt (or oats…)

This household will now refer to our time together as post-Chickenpox and pre-Chickenpox.  Once this blog is posted, we shall never speak of the in-between ‘actually having Chickenpox’ time again.

We. Are. Changed.

For those of you who are yet to experience this with a toddler, let me just say that as rubbish as it is, for most of us, it will pass and you will be OK.  So will your little one, but in reality, this experience is WAY more stressful for you than it is for them. They get Calpol and Piraton, you get guilt, angst, panic, and frustration.

I thought it might be useful to share a few things we have learned during this journey, in order to help prepare you and also to celebrate the last few scabs falling off last night. Lovely!

  1. Oh my goodness, the onset is RAPID. You will have noticed spots appearing in the past and kept an eye on them for a few days wondering ‘ooo could this be Chickenpox?’.  No. It’s not. When the blighters start they just don’t stop. We are talking one to twenty in a few hours.
  2. Your child may freak out. This was the worst part for us. Our daughter is 2.5 and she couldn’t bear to look at her body. It was heartbreaking. She refused to let us change her clothes and nappy changes were a trauma. For us, lots of patience, cuddles and possibly letting your hygiene standards when it comes to clean clothes slip for a few days is the way to stay sane.
  3. Then you will freak out. The sudden realisation that you CAN’T actually cuddle your child to comfort them without hurting them is grim. As is the realisation that the pox goes EVERYWHERE. Mouth, ears, eyes, bum, nose, UP the bum, hands, feet. If you are really panicking, or if anything looks infected or the little ones temp is too high for your liking, call your doctors surgery.
  4. Remedy advice is great if your child will let you touch them. The number of creams, lotions and bath recommendations we had was so kind, but she didn’t want to be touched. So other than medicine by mouth, we were stuck!
  5. Do weird stuff to help. We ended up letting her get in an oat bath with her vest on to ease her worries. Clothes in the bath. We played face painting with Calamine Cream in order to attack some of the angrier pox on her face. Go wild. Anything goes in the pox house!
  6. Don’t forget about them and leave soaked oats in socks for two days. Seriously. Don’t drop your standards that low.
  7. It passes. And as if by magic, the fever dies down, you start seeing scabs instead of new blisters, and your wee one wants to play and laughs really hard for the first time in days.

They are tough little things. Mum on the other hand….