10 Tips for Toddler Proofing your Home

Having perused the Internet for interesting & informative articles about toddler safety I came across this one from the US. Ignoring the American lingo and the blatant advertising of the ‘Munchkin’ brand, I thought it was a helpful & well written piece.


Toddlers can be little monkeys and all sorts  of temptations lie in wait for them – bottles of bleach, cords & wires, medicines (including Sudocreme!) and toilet brushes to name a few. There is a school of thought that says we should teach out toddlers to ‘not touch’, to be ‘respectful’ of danger and ‘if the do it once they won’t do it again’ but, as a Mother of 4, when it come to the bleach, medicine etc.. then, as advised on the packaging, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

Sudocreme - blogpost

PS – Whilst Sudocreme (and other nappy rash creams) is not in itself dangerous I would strongly advise keeping it out of reach of your inquisitive toddler. Many a carpet has been ruined by a toddler with his hand in The Pot!

PPS Don’t overlook the front door as you race about pinpointing potential dangers spots. With snow on the ground the urge to break out and play in the white stuff is very strong for some adventurous toddlers and it only takes a well placed chair, upside down bin or pile of cushions to elevate your little one to the heady heights of the door latch. When you are in please use a bolt too