10 tips for keeping your toddler safe in their bedroom

  1. Never leave your baby or toddler with the cot side down
  2. Cot bars should be no more than 6cm (2in) apart as your child could get an arm or leg stuck between them. If you choose to use Bumpers on the inside of the bars choose one with Velcro fasteners rather than string ties.
  3. Don’t use a pillow or a duvet in the cot until they are 12 months old. Baby sleeping bags are a great way of keeping baby warm without risking them slipping under blankets or overheating.
  4. Cot toys shouldn’t have strings that are longer than 30cm (12in) i.e. a rulers length
  5. Never leave your little one alone on the changing mat, even for a second
  6. Install window locks to prevent windows opening more than 10cm (4in)
  7. Avoid lights with trailing flexes and blinds with cords
  8. Choose furniture with rounded or padded corners if possible
  9. Don’t leave gas or electric fires on when your child is on their own
  10. When your toddler shows the urge to climb make sure bookcases are screwed to the wall