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Them’s the rules!

By entering the Purple Daisies social media competition, you accept the terms and conditions of the competition as detailed here. The competition is open to all UK residents over the age of 18, except employees of Purple Daisies The closing date for competition entries is Sunday 16th July 2017 For this ‘sweepstake’ competition, winners will […]

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Hi, I’ve finally let my curiosity get the better of me and joined Twitter (and, of course, it is very ‘now’ ).Actually it was partly curiosity and partly necessity as I can’t hope to build an on-line business without being online in every sense of the word (Yes Olly I do listen to you !!) […]

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Ahhhh, the Pre-school Nativity …

Its that time of year again when my 4 children take to the stage and give me yet another bundle of precious (and, let’s face it, hilarious) moments. The 1st Memorable event -This year my 3 eldest were all ‘starring’ in their school production of Cinderella. There are almost 100 children at their primary school and […]

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No More Nappies

The great day has arrived at last, after more than 10 years  of changing nappies I am free … Yippee !!!!! Angel child has at last conquered the toilet. We’ve had false starts, accidents, had to throw several pairs of ‘big girl Peppa Pig pants’ in the bin, used bribery, star charts and special rewards, […]

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Welcome to my world!

Hi, Caroline here … founder, owner and chief order processor of purple daisies …. Not a great intro but we mums all have split personalities, eight hands, Teflon fingers and a uncanny ability to remember our ‘O’ level geometry … NOT ! so I’m not that different to you really. I’m new to blogging and not […]

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